Route des Jeunes 19 - 1227 Carouge Geneva / Switzerland
Route des Jeunes 19 - 1227 Carouge Geneva / Switzerland
Serrurerie Droz MSV


Our entire team is always up-to-date with the latest innovations, manufacturer developments, improvements made to well-known products and arrival of new products on the market to offer you the best solutions for your windows and doors in Geneva.

Our team, equipped with strong expertise and know-how, is committed to locksmithing excellence.

We showcase our extensive experience in designing, installing, maintaining, repairing locks and security systems, as well as unlocking locks. This expertise, honed over the years, ensures that every solution we offer, whether it’s for a lock, a lost key, or emergency locksmithing, is firmly rooted in industry best practices and rigorously adheres to the strictest security standards.

Our dedication to craftsmanship quality and mastery of locksmithing techniques make our team a trusted partner to meet all your security needs, whether it’s access control, electronic locks, locksmithing services, or any other locksmithing and locking system-related service.We are locksmithing experts, from traditional locks to advanced lock cylinders, electronic locks, and advanced security systems, including multipoint locking and biometric locks. Our emergency locksmithing service is available 24/7 to address your residential and commercial security needs with speed and efficiency.

In case of door opening, emergency key, or any other locksmithing issue, we are here to provide reliable and secure solutions.

Our Locksmith service includes the following services:

  1. Locksmithing Services
  2. Door Opening
  3. Lock Systems
  4. Lock Installation
  5. Lock Repair
  6. Lost Key
  7. Lock Cylinder
  8. Electronic Lock
  9. Emergency Key
  10. Emergency Locksmithing
  11. Multipoint Locking
  12. Biometric Lock
Serrurire Droz MSV
Serrurerie Droz MSV

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Emergency Troubleshooting, SOS, Repair, Refurbishment, Replacement 24/7.

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